Amanda is a Los Angeles native, lovingly known for her impressive resting victim face and quirky quick wit. She graduated magna cum laude from USC's Marshall School of Business, and then took all her knowledge and... became an actor. She was recurring on CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful and NBC's Heartbeat. She is the lead in the feature film The Voices opposite Lin Shaye of the Insidious franchise, and the lead in the award-winning feature film Love Meet Hope, starring 7-time Emmy Award Winner, Ed Asner. On her most recent project, Good Girl, which she starred in and produced alongside Darren Lynn Bousman (Director, Saw II-IV), one reviewer stated, "Amanda shows she has future Oscar Winner written all over her."

Her business degree did come in handy when she started her own production company in 2014, Three Tales Productions. She has since produced various award-winning feature films, short films, and music videos. She is currently SVP of Production for Rare Brain Studios and is in 

development and production on various projects.

Amanda served on the Board of Directors of The Collaborative, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that is dedicated to promoting artistic growth through opportunities in education, production, and communal creative engagement. She is incredibly grateful for the community she has helped to build there and particularly proud of the production branch she helped to launch.


In her personal life, Amanda comes from a big Jewish family and is the proud granddaughter of four Holocaust survivors. She is married to her lifelong friend and has two daughters, Hazel and Lily. They are her greatest accomplishments to date. Amanda's family owns and operates Factor's Famous Deli in Los Angeles, so she comes with a side of pastrami and matzo ball soup, although she won't be eating with you, since she is a 20-year vegetarian. A big animal lover, she volunteered for Perfect Pet Rescue in Los Angeles for seven years and currently has two rescue dogs, Goldie and Daisy. 




"Besides her obvious beauty, I was impressed by Amanda's ability to take direction and make smart choices in executing the material. Not only is she good, she shows a thirst like no other actors of her generation. She is not just content to wait for her time in the sun, so she has created projects that mean something to her and hopefully, others. However, she also relishes working in projects that are not of her creation. I will bring in Amanda for any projects I have in the future. I have a couple of films and a pilot coming up." 

-Christine Sheaks, Casting Director & Producer


"In the process of the casting process, I have come across often up to 1,000 submissions for any one role and was lucky to have had the eye to select Ms. Amanda Markowitz to audition for a number of my films. She is one of those rare actors who really understand what acting really is about. It simply is not reading lines and showing emotion. She took on the character and left her own at the door. She was pleasant and kind and had that "can do" attitude that made those around her want to work with her. If Amanda fits the breakdown, we plan to call her in again and again and again..."

-Cherin Perelman, President, Beverly Hills Casting 


"Amanda Markowitz is such a pleasure to work with. She brings her own ideas to the table on how she thinks things should go, but also listens to what others are saying and really collaborates to bring the scene to life. She is an asset and a joy to have involved in any production!"

-Bennie Woodell, Director


"When I met Amanda Markowitz, it was during setup before shooting a scene of hers. I would have introduced myself like any normal human being, but the look in her eyes was nothing less than intense preparation and mind altering emotion for the scene she was about to nail. Instead, I waited until after her incredibly performed scene to introduce myself. I'd work with her anytime."

-Dominique Monteleone, Director


"Amanda Markowitz is a joy to work with: Sharp, passionate and always the consummate professional. I'd share a soundstage, filmset or theatre space with her anytime! This rare combination of Talent, Beauty, Skill and Endless Compassion makes Amanda an "Actor's Actor" - and a directors delight. She is one of those rare rewards that makes this work thrilling and fulfilling. Amanda raises the game to a whole new level."

-Tim Powell, Actor


"It was an exceptionally challenging shoot, not only physically but also emotionally, and Amanda nailed every beat without compromising her tetrific attitude and good spirit. Not to mention, she delivered exceptional performances from start to finish. Couldn't have asked for a better actor to be part of our project!"

-Chestier Howie, Director


"Amanda was immediately connected. The second I got up there to work with her, I thought, 'this girl has talent.'

It's not only acting, it's talent. Immediately, with Amanda, I saw this incredible talent."

-Bradley Fowler, Actor & Producer